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The Necessity of Being on the Internet

Experts are now saying that it’s more important for a small business startup to have a web presence – a website and email – than it is to have a phone or being in the telephone book. The Internet is now the primary means of consumers in the US to look for and find products and services. There are still a few mom and pop stores in the country that don’t have a web presence, but their business base was developed and fully established before the turn of the century, and they still rely on the best form of marketing: word of mouth. But for any startup in the 21st Century, having a website is a minimum standard.

How Customers Search for Your Product

The basic way that the majority of consumers now seek out their needs is through a web search via a search engine site such as Google. This is true even for consumers who are looking to find a local store where they can go and shop; web presence is not just mandatory for web-based retailers, but for any retailer, no matter how localized their goods and services. Studies show that over 97% percent of potential customers under the age of 30, who, when initially researching a potential point of sale, will turn to the Internet instead of a phone directory or asking friends. You have to have a website these days if you want potential customers to find you.

Getting Yourself Online

The best way to get your business online is by registering your business name as a top-level domain. For example, if you sell boots in Little Rock, then would be a good domain name for you to purchase. You then make your website at that address. This way, anyone who types the words in your domain name into a search engine will have a high probability of being directed to your site, where they’ll instantly see your address, phone number, and hours of operation. Even if you don’t sell a single product online, having a web presence is mandatory.

Top Online Degrees for a Career in Cybersecurity

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With the increasing importance of the field of cybersecurity for companies both big and small, the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals is currently very high, with no signs of declining anytime in the foreseeable future.  As cyber attacks are becoming more common and causing more damage with each new attack, cybersecurity professionals are becoming more and more valuable. Companies and organizations interested in keeping their information and digital infrastructure safe in the digital world are keen on hiring the best cybersecurity professionals they could possibly find. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth for jobs are nothing short of impressive compared to other fields. From 2012 – 2022, growth for jobs in the information security sector is expected to grow by 37%, which is very fast compared to all other occupations.

With such a dire need for cybersecurity professionals, more colleges are offering degrees specializing in this relatively new field. Many reputable universities offer online degrees with a focus on cybersecurity.

  1. Pennsylvania State University (College of Information Sciences and Technology)

With more than 150 years of teaching excellence, the state’s flagship, public research institution is one of the top 50 universities in the United States. The College of Information Sciences and Technology offers a Bachelor of Science in Security and Risk Analysis that can be completed entirely online. The program teaches students the necessary skills to design secure networks and protect existing ones. The course can be completed through two years of part-time study.

  1. Dakota State University (College of Computing)

Dakota State University is a public, state-funded institution that holds the HLC-NCA accreditation. Being designated as an NSA Center of Excellence, the College of Computing is one of the top 10 schools offering cybersecurity degrees, according to the National Cyber League. With its state of the art “hacking lab”, students get hands-on experience of many security-related issues. DSU offers a Master of Science in Information Assurance and Computer Security. Full-time students can complete the degree in two years.

  1. University of Denver (Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science)

The University of Denver is a private institution, founded in 1864. The Princeton Review placed DU among the “Colleges That Pay You Back”, for its remarkable value for money. The school offers a Master of Science in Information Security and a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. Both courses include practical experience with high-tech security systems based on ASIS International’s guidelines.

  1. University of Maryland University College (Information Technology & Computer Science Division)

The University of Maryland University College is a public, state-funded distance learning college that offers more than 120 academic programs. The university was ranked by Forbes in America’s 10 best colleges for adults returning to school. UMUC offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity Management and Policy that can be completed entirely online.

  1. Bellevue University (College of Science and Technology)

Bellevue University is a private, non-profit education institution. This HLC-NCA accredited institution ranks seventh among online colleges in the US, according to Online Education Database. BU offers a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity that focuses on developing skills in addressing and preventing security threats. In addition to the Bachelor’s Degree, BU offers a Master of Science in Cybersecurity that covers more advanced topics.

Universities Creating Mobile Apps for a Better Campus Experience

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A growing number of universities are releasing apps that create a better campus experience. In this post, we’ll delve into the array of apps that are changing the lives of university students the world over.

Campus Mapping Apps

California State University has a mobile app with a feature that maps the entirety of the university campus. This map includes dorm rooms, restrooms, and more. They have also implemented a technology called PeopleSoft, which allows students to enroll and drop out of classes.  Aligned with this mapping feature, CSUN app also provides video guided tours of the campus.

IT Support Apps – Fitchburg University

One of the main frustrations for students is a lack of IT support. The Fitchburg State University app includes features that help solve this problem. The app has IT chat support so that any students (or staff) can resolve their IT issues. The app also has a fantastic laundry service whereby students can book in their laundry.

Before the advent of apps, there was little support for prospective students or alumni. The good news is that this app also has an admissions module. The information provided includes university costs and information on how to visit, as well as an alumni section with details on how to get involved or make a charitable gift.

News Apps – Georgetown University

Some universities have more than one campus spread across the country. One such university is Georgetown. The Georgetown app provides extensive personalized app experiences for its app users across its campuses. Georgetown has four location versions of their app; this means that you can access the app on any of their campuses.

The app allows new students and alumni to create their own profile or ‘persona’. The clever thing about this app is that it has a newsletter built into it called “This Week,” which informs users of what’s happening around campus that week. This includes things such as sports events or special promotions at the university store.




Multilingual Apps – Qatar University

The Qatar University app has all the basics of a great campus app, such as calendars, directories, maps, and dining. The Qatar app also includes a section where students can submit their own ideas for campus improvements.

One important advantage of this app is that it has the option for the user to select their language preference. It currently exists in two languages— Arabic and English. The major benefit of this is that it makes the university more accessible to visitors whose first language may not be English.

User Generated Content on Apps

The best apps out there encourage user generated content. For example, the app for the University of Notre Dame ran a campus-wide competition that let students build their own mobile campus tours on their MobileND app.

The app also has innovative features such as modules for laundry availability, safe ride requests, and admissions.


Online Education and Learning


Traditional Universities are losing ground to online universities, and the above apps prove why. The online education process is something that traditional schools try to emulate through apps. For those looking to focus on technology degrees in particular, even up to a Masters in Science and Technology, online learning is becoming a prefered methodology.

To conclude, there are many universities creating apps for a better campus experience, from California State’s mapping to Notre Dame’s safe ride requests. The one thing that ties all these apps together is that they are improving the lives of students throughout the world.

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