A fun way to make video reviews of your favorite hot spots
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A fun way to make video reviews of your favorite hot spots

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Tastemade (iOS|Android) is a fun app that gives you a step-by-step process for making professional-looking food or location videos. The videos are only a minute long, but they give you a great platform to sing the praises of your favorite restaurants and hot spots.

Tastemade isn’t just about making video reviews; it’s also about finding new spots from other users. Since the app has been available on both iOS and Android for some time, it has a large catalog of reviews to explore.

With that said, though it’s certainly grown since its launch on the app stores, there are still a lot of cities that have no reviews. Hopefully, once people get a taste for how easy it is to create quick videos of their favorite spots, it will likely to grow even more.


Tastemade makes it easy to make video reviews (pictures)

Getting started

The best way to get started with Tastemade is to browse videos made by other people. Watching a few videos will give you a sense of the pacing and help you come up with ideas for good shots. You’ll quickly see that some people have a flair for being on camera, but even when they don’t, the app’s step-by-step process manages to make just about anyone look good.

Once you’ve seen the videos you can make with Tastemade, you’ll be ready to dive in and make your own.

You start by entering the name of the location or restaurant, then pick from several different themes that include different fonts and background music choices. For example, you might choose a lively guitar-strumming backdrop for your trip to a favorite burger place, or a more electronic drum-and-bass theme for a dimly lit dance club. Part of what makes a good Tastemade video is picking the right theme for the place.

Shooting your video clips

Tastemade maps out your video by telling you what to do each step of the way.

After the title and theme, you’ll need to shoot a 10-second video where you introduce the location, followed by five shorter clips that show the restaurant’s ambiance and style. At that point, you return to the screen for 15 seconds to talk more about the dishes you got, then shoot an additional five clips of you and your friends enjoying the food. Finally, a quick 10-second video (the outro) wraps up your Tastemade video.

What’s cool about Tastemade is you don’t have to worry too much about making a mistake, because you can always delete the last scene and shoot it again if you need another take.


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