The Difference Between Webmail and Email
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The Difference Between Webmail and Email

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Does My Email Come With Me?

A lot of people who are new to using the Internet aren’t aware of the difference between webmail and the email program they use on their home computer. For example, if you use Outlook Express (a common email program) on your home computer, and you travel to someone else’s house, the Outlook Express program on their computer will not display your email. This is because an email program like Outlook Express is set up for an individual user, and the email it receives and displays won’t change unless the email address and settings are changed first. So, if you were able to change the email address, along with the mail server name (POP address), then you’d get your email. The lack of portability with an email program is solved with webmail.

Webmail – Available Everywhere

Webmail is email that’s available through a website. This allows a user to access their email anytime they can get to a web browswer with an Internet connection. There are hundreds of webmail sights, and webmail is integrated with most social networks, like Facebook. With webmail, you don’t have to change any settings, you just have to use the same username and password. Years ago, there was a charge to have an webmail account. Now most people have to try and remember how many free email accounts they manage. Google’s gmail, Yahoo mail, and others are all competing to provide the best web email experience.

Differences Between Webmail, Email, Disappearing

The differences between the two formats of email are disappearing. The big advantage of email programs has always been the more functionality they provide, like spell checking, easy forwarding, and the ability to use the program like a word processor. Webmail has become a lot more like email programs, duplicating the functionality almost completely, and also offering some advantages to a web-based system, like file sharing and integration with social networks. Email programs, however, still allow someone to advertise their website in their email, and more significant to give a domain name in an email address than use a generic webmail domain name.

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