Web Presence Mandatory for Business Startups
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Web Presence Mandatory for Business Startups

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The Necessity of Being on the Internet

Experts are now saying that it’s more important for a small business startup to have a web presence – a website and email – than it is to have a phone or being in the telephone book. The Internet is now the primary means of consumers in the US to look for and find products and services. There are still a few mom and pop stores in the country that don’t have a web presence, but their business base was developed and fully established before the turn of the century, and they still rely on the best form of marketing: word of mouth. But for any startup in the 21st Century, having a website is a minimum standard.

How Customers Search for Your Product

The basic way that the majority of consumers now seek out their needs is through a web search via a search engine site such as Google. This is true even for consumers who are looking to find a local store where they can go and shop; web presence is not just mandatory for web-based retailers, but for any retailer, no matter how localized their goods and services. Studies show that over 97% percent of potential customers under the age of 30, who, when initially researching a potential point of sale, will turn to the Internet instead of a phone directory or asking friends. You have to have a website these days if you want potential customers to find you.

Getting Yourself Online

The best way to get your business online is by registering your business name as a top-level domain. For example, if you sell boots in Little Rock, then littlerockboots.com would be a good domain name for you to purchase. You then make your website at that address. This way, anyone who types the words in your domain name into a search engine will have a high probability of being directed to your site, where they’ll instantly see your address, phone number, and hours of operation. Even if you don’t sell a single product online, having a web presence is mandatory.

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